A Decade in Music

Well, I’m not sure what happened in 2001.  Below I feign expertise and do a geeky survey of the decade.  I am proud to say, however, that everything that I list I happen to own in original cd format with all the packaging accouterments.  Naturally, there are some trends over the years.  Still can’t believe what came out in 2000 came out in 2000.

01. Radiohead “Kid A”
02. Sigur Ros “Agaetis Byrjun”
03. Sunny Day Real Estate “The Rising Tide”
04. At The Drive In “Relationship of Command”
05. Cursive “Cursive’s Domestica”
06. Elliott Smith “Figure 8”
07. Yo La Tengo “And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out”
08. Godspeed You Black Emperor! “Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas…”

01. Bright Eyes “Lifted, or, The Story Is in the Soil, Keep Your Ear…”

01. Sufjan Stevens “Greetings from Michigan: The Great Lake State”
02. This Beautiful Mess “Temper the Wind to the Shorn Lamb”
03. Yo La Tengo “Summer Sun”


01. Sufjan Stevens “Seven Swans”
02. Blonde Redhead “Misery is a Butterfly”


01. Sufjan Stevens “Illinois”
02. Sigur Ros “Takk”
03. Sun Kil Moon “Tiny Cities”

01. Grizzly Bear “Yellow House”
02. Thom Yorke “The Eraser”

01. Blonde Redhead “23”
02. The National “Boxer”
03. Beach House “Devotion”
04. Ulrich Schnauss “Goodbye”

01. Fleet Foxes “Fleet Foxes/Sun Giant EP”
02. Department of Eagles “In Ear Park”

01. Propagandhi “Supporting Caste”
02. Animal Collective “Merriweather Post Pavillion”
03. Grizzly Bear “Veckatimest”
04. St. Vincent “Actor”
05. Antony and the Johnsons “The Crying Light”

01. Beach House “Teen Dream”
02. Deerhunter “Halcyon Digest”
03. The National “High Violet”
04. Sufjan Stevens “All Delighted People/The Age of Adz”
05. Jonsi “Go”
06. The Morning Benders “Big Echo”
07. Antony and the Johnsons “Swanlights”

01.  The Beach Boys “Pet Sounds”
02.  Fleet Foxes “Helplessness Blues”
03.  The Antlers “Burst Apart”
04.  Bon Iver “Bon Iver”
05.  M83 “Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming”
06.  Real Estate “Days”
07.  Glasser “Ring”
08.  Kate Bush “50 Words for Snow”
09.  Deerhunter “Microcastle/Weird Era Cont.”
10.  Johnny Cash “American V: A Hundred Highways”

01.  Bat for Lashes | The Haunted Man | 2012 | PARLOPHONE
02.  Beach House | Bloom | 2012 | SUB POP
03.  Twin Shadow | Confess | 2012 | 4AD
04.  Wild Nothing | Nocturne | 2012 | CAPTURED TRACKS
05.  Jessie Ware | Devotion | 2012 | UNIVERSAL ISLAND
06.  Grizzly Bear | Shields | 2012 | WARP
07.  Propagandhi | Failed States | 2012 | EPITAPH
08.  King Creosote and Jon Hopkins | Diamond Mine | 2011 | DOMINO
09.  Jay Z and Kanye West | Watch the Throne | 2011 | ROC-A-FELLA
10.  Neil Young | Harvest Moon | 1992 | REPRISE


– Sun Kil Moon: Benji
– Lana Del Rey: Ultraviolence
– St. Vincent: St. Vincent
– Caribou: Our Love
– The War on Drugs: Lost in the Dream
– FKA Twigs: LP2
– Hundred Waters: The Moon Rang Like a Bell
– How to Dress Well: What is this Heart
– Real Estate: Atlas
– Beck: Morning Phase

Radiohead “Kid A”


  1. Loving the list. Some surprises too- Haneke’s funny games? Lots I’ve got to see, too.

  2. suhail! hooray, a way to be in touch 🙂
    i would add Wilco “yankee hotel foxtrot” in 2000 as well – good year.

  3. I don’t know exactly how it happened, but 2010 was the year that I came to hate indie music. Apart from “Teen Dream” I haven’t cared two shits for any other “indie” album.

    Part of me wants to whine about how its not really independent music anymore, how its all pussified, all hipstered up, but the truth is I really don’t care. The last two “indie” albums I enjoyed, Dinosaur Jr’s “Farm” and Bill Callahan’s “Sometimes I Wish We Were an Eagle” were largely ignored by the indie hype machine and I kinda like it that way.

    That said, I’ve pretty much exclusively listened to metal this past year. So here are my top albums (in no particular order):

    1. High on Fire – Snakes of the Divine
    2. Nachtmystium – Addicts: Black Meddle Pt. 2
    3. Agalloch – Marrow of the Spirit
    4. Watain – Lawless Darkness
    5. Alcest – Ecailles De Lune

    Other great albums from years past (some recent, some not):

    1. Cobalt – Gin (note: GET THIS RIGHT NOW!!!)
    2. Witchfinder General – Death Penalty
    3. Electric Wizard – Come My Fanatics
    4. Sleep – Holy Mountain
    5. Monster Magnet – Dopes to Infinity
    6. Lagwagon – Blaze

    Mostly I’m just frustrated my Sacrifice/Propagandhi 7″ hasn’t arrived yet.

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